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FirePower40 Channel

FirePower40 Channel

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The FirePower40 program is a seed of positivity and hope that was planted in their lives, and has been instrumental in allowing our youth to have a visual of what their lives can be if they make changes now.”

Lorena L. Dorantes/Teacher

SISD Schaeffer Halfway House


"The FirePower40 Program allows us to interact and employ our professional training in a powerfully impacting manner: survival. Participants overwhelmingly appreciated the opportunity to participate and expressed a strong sense of gratitude in working together in a esprit de corps. FirePower40 is an excellent resource for teams undergoing transformation or just needing to reenergize!” 

Manuel Castruita/Director

EPISD Guidance & Counseling


FirePower40 meant a lot to the students as well as to the teachers. It's not every day that our students get to hear that someone RESPECTS THEM! When they hear "I respect you" from role models like these, it really contributes to their self esteem and self awareness. People like these and words like that make a huge impact on them! 

Elisa Lee/Teacher


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